Our Russian friends in San Diego

This is the second year that SEE has created this exchange of people between America and Russia. I’m one of 60 or so fellows involved in the exchange, and two Russians are already here is San Diego. Olga, 27, is from St. Petersburg. She runs an school teaching English to Russians.  Elena, 23, lives  in Moscow and works at a school as well.

Olga and Elena visited Carlsbad High School last week. Here’s a link to their interview of the school’s TV station. Fast forward to 9:35 to see their interview.


Olga responds to questions from Carlsbad High School journalists during a visit to the school on Feb. 27, 2015







You can find Olga’s posts of her adventures in San Diego here.

Olga’s blog: http://zambitsu.blogspot.com

Elena CHS13





And here’s Elena’s blog.



Philip K.Ireland

Fellow, 2015 US-Russia Social Expertise Exchange



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